Saturday, June 22, 2013

Up untill sunrise

It has been a while since insomnia has hit. This time though, I cannot complain at all. Clock is about to hit 6 am and finished a lovely chibi heroine called Dietrich in collaboration with Elements~

Just look at her pouty cute face! ;w;

Thank you, for the fun time. eweb

Saturday, May 25, 2013

I don't usually rant, but when I do...

So I thought that next time I'd post here, I'd be sharing some more progress, maybe some resources and a couple of inspiration boosts. But guess what? UH OH, I feel like ranting.

I have lately seen lot of people do silly stupid things and have extremely unrealistic and rude expectations from people. What is the cause of this? Love of course. But no matter how love sick you are, there are a couple of things I'd like to point out. I hope everyone takes it into account, since let's be honest: there are huge assholes in the masses of all genders.

So to begin with this, first things first. People have the right to feel as they feel. If they don't feel anything towards you, they don't have to! Friendzone is not a punishment with malicious intention. It is just how they feel for you. No one is required to return your feelings, if they don't. Honestly, you should just be happy that they are honest about it and don't try to give you false hope out of pity.

So if they are not interested in you? Leave them alone on that aspect. If something changes, they are likely to come back to you and if they don't. Well, you have the right to move on and not wait for them. To be honest, stalking someone for 6 years and waiting for an opening is not romantic nor loyal. IT IS CREEPY~

But what if they right out throw you out of their lives? If there was no reason, dick move. But proves very well you should move on, since such behavior is not okay towards you either. If it was because what you did or said. Tough luck, suck it up and respect them enough to respect their choice. Throwing yourself onto them again and again and sneaking in from Facebook, Twitter or whatever anonymously or just as well in real life is very disgusting choice. You should realize that by doing so, you are trying to bash down their choice of not letting anyone degrade them again. Be respectful, take a note to learn from in the future and walk away.

Your happiness is not tied to this one person not returning your feelings, it is about your own choice.  If you decide to dwell in the unreturned love to make yourself miserable, it is your choice. You cannot blame them for it. Choosing to move on may not be easy and starting to believe into the choice takes a while, but choosing not to is just plain lazy.

Other people have feelings and rights and yours are not any more important than theirs. RESPECT THEIR CHOICE! Thank you~

PS. Huge props and tipping hat for everyone having the balls to respect the other person's choice, even if you wished they chose otherwise.

Damn man, you even get a bow on top of the deal.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Progress progress

I happened to find a treasure stash today from my photobucket. A BUNCH OF WIPS! I was excited since I had lost all from my laptop when old one got fried and decided to make a few progress gifs in the process... Unfortunately the resources shown in the progress are not available in my blog, the were released in autumn for Members+ or rpgmakerweb forums. Nevertheless, I hope you enjoy the WIPs~

A short one I didn't have much WIPs of:

Two bit more thorough:

And last one revisited piece from 2 years back. Before on above and new on bottom.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Finally added materials in the blog!

I feel silly. I had intention to add materials to blog for over a year now. Finally, while feeling insomniac, having to wake up early tomorrow morning, I decided, "Damnit! I need to organize my material and finally post it to my blog, too."

It didn't take that long after all... I think I still have time to sleep. Maybe?

Whether or not I can sleep enough tonight, here are the resources I had not released yet! They are all found in the commercial use materials with a long list of my older material. Enjoy!

A vampire/wizard couple battler... Uh, why? XD Well, uhh... Yes, I cannot explain, just enjoy, haha!
Posted Image

And edit of the same vampire, I peeped in his cape and revealed the sexay armor, both in cutesy and serious pose... Isn't he adorable?
Posted Image Posted Image

A mermaid to go with PandaMaru's lovely battler:
Posted Image
She was so pretty, I couldn't resist when I saw her in PandaMaru's thread!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year, New Game Making Drive!

Happy New Year everyone!

The clocks around the world are turning to the year 2013 and at same time brand new Game Making Drive has started! There is plenty of fun following and greater plans than on previous one we had in November. Archeia has introduced this time team leaders as heroes, whose teams performance will define their destinies throughout the January spanning event. There is three spots left open; there is still chance to join!

Game Making Drive
Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image
Posted Image

Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image 
Lovely graphics for the event are from Archeia. 

Read whole prelude story here!