Monday, January 7, 2013

Finally added materials in the blog!

I feel silly. I had intention to add materials to blog for over a year now. Finally, while feeling insomniac, having to wake up early tomorrow morning, I decided, "Damnit! I need to organize my material and finally post it to my blog, too."

It didn't take that long after all... I think I still have time to sleep. Maybe?

Whether or not I can sleep enough tonight, here are the resources I had not released yet! They are all found in the commercial use materials with a long list of my older material. Enjoy!

A vampire/wizard couple battler... Uh, why? XD Well, uhh... Yes, I cannot explain, just enjoy, haha!
Posted Image

And edit of the same vampire, I peeped in his cape and revealed the sexay armor, both in cutesy and serious pose... Isn't he adorable?
Posted Image Posted Image

A mermaid to go with PandaMaru's lovely battler:
Posted Image
She was so pretty, I couldn't resist when I saw her in PandaMaru's thread!

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