Sunday, August 12, 2012

Not quite lazy after all

While The Siren -project has been a bit silent for some time. I have not been quite lazy during the summer. Rather the opposite! So what have I been up to and doing? The question can be answered with one word.
 Art... (I am more happy, if I pretend I did not work during the summer.)
 I admit the laziness in putting this image together though!

It has been fun and it has been hard work, yet most of the art I have been doing is not yet finished or need more for the series. In the meshwork image above, there are some parts for personal work, some for RPGMakerweb's forum Resource Staff releases, including two collaborative pieces between me and Archeia_Nessiah, and some doodle designs and requested content.

Latest piece I made is the new looks for the blog. I hope it pleases the eye!

The summer has been busy - and hot!  <3

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