Saturday, September 1, 2012

Above and Under the Surface

Been running here and there getting schedules and courses arranged for this autumn. It has been surprisingly refreshing to go back to lectures. Especially since I have felt so tired for a while.

Well tiredness decided to give some way to art for ReStaff also. :> Collaborating is fun and kicks out some brain jams. Nessy's always a pleasure to work with and this time we had some pirates based on Thalzon's design. Go ahead and grab the fancy stuff over here.
The download over there includes also work from
 Fomar, Jalen, PentagonBuddy, Shiro, Timmah
(and ofc more from me Nessy and Thalzon) as well!

But that is not all! There is a small secret I have held until now. To take a glance we have to dive a bit deeper...
 Stay tuned here. ;)

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