Monday, May 7, 2012

Lead me down to the sea

I thought it was now good time to bring this out! A little project that I have been working more or less silently.

To begin with you guys, I wanted to share the journey so far and the little changes the story or the atmosphere has seen. After the darkness of the winter comes the spring and the sun - and something like this happened also with The Siren...

Lead me down to the sea...

Originally, I had a vision of a dark and tragic love story inspired by this song.

While the core of the story still remains the same, the shades of it have become brighter. In the process of creating the character for the captain things got a bit out of hand; he simply didn't bend into the shape designed for him and instead bent the story to fit him. The agonized lady killer became a man child with heart of gold and his desperate and sad wife became a strong and level headed lady. The tragic undertones turned into comedy.

I have had plenty, plenty and plenty of fun with the reshaped project so far and my goal is to bring some of that enjoyment for the player, as well.

I hope we'll meet again soon everyone!


  1. I just noticed this in your signature! This seems like a wonderful new project for you. I love the song, and I can't wait to see where this project will go.

    Keep us updated! And remember, screenshots are always a great update. XD

    1. Thank you Luna! ;u; I hope it will have a bit more steady progress than my old project (which just got stuck!)

      Ahhh... Screenies... D8 So true. I hope I'll have few relatively soon.